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Do not underestimate the food!
Trincas is one of the best places to eat in Kolkata.

Get cozy with a glass of wine and a couple of our signature dishes... 

We recommend the Devilled Crab (Continental),

the delicious Murgh Makhmali Cheese Kebab topped with fried onions (Indian)

and the Chicken Drums of Heaven (Chinese) 

Trincas in the evenings is a magical place.

Small red table lamps flick on, the lights are lowered and the spotlight shines on a red-velvet padded stage where a band tunes up…

This is Kolkata’s most iconic stage and live music venue. The music here has never stopped since 1959.

Even today, bands play LIVE every evening 18:00 – 21:00 (Indian) and from 21:00 -23:30 (Western)


Trincas is famous for it's contribution to the city's urban culture and nightlife. 

Over the decades, it has become part of the collective consciousness of modern Kolkata and part of the identity of being Kolkatan.

It’s that special Park Street restaurant which holds a million memories

~ so many firsts, so many special moments ~

Every true-blue Kolkata family has at least one Trincas memory!


Today, people are re-discovering amazing nights out at Trincas with live music and amazing food.

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