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Step into the most famous restaurant in Kolkata


Sunlight streams into the room from big floor to ceiling windows
Soft music plays from the 1950s, 60s and 70s ...

Cozy seating for friends and family

Slip into a sofa booth with friends

Order a glass of wine or an iced tea

Contemplate ordering the Devilled Crab, the Lobster Thermidore?

maybe both..

(to share? or not to?)

Look up and notice the black and white photos.. 

Park Street in the 1940s

Menus from the 50s,

Usha Uthup in the 60s


Soon, you realise there's a live band every evening...

and that Jazz Lunches on the weekends
get packed by 1 PM

Cut into your Chicken A La Kiev

Butter fills your plate.. 

You really should come back to try the Kebabs... 

Especially that cheese and browned onion one you saw at the next table 


End with Caramel Custard.

It's said that every true Calcuttan has a Trincas connection.

This sweet memory will be yours

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