The Other Room is a cozy hide-away restaurant and bar located behind Trincas.
It opened at it's current location in 1972 and has a lost history  before that (one that we are still piecing together!)

How do you find it?

If you are facing Trincas, walk down the driveway on the left side.

TOR is located on the right, behind a heavy old wooden door and up a small flight of stairs.
It opens daily at 5:30 PM. 
Go here with friends, colleagues or family.
It has a relaxed, hidden-away feel, old-world charm, value-for-money prices and amazing food.

A large old speckled mirror runs the length of The Other Room, guarded by two plaster-of-paris knights.

Small table lamps dressed in red shades cast a muted, comfortable glow on the whole space.

It feels like you have been transported into a different world.

The Other Room shares the same kitchen, great food, and food menu as Trincas.

However, liquor prices here are lower than most other restaurants on Park Street!

It opens daily from 5:30 PM

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