Ming Room Chinese Food by Trincas

Trincas launched the Ming Room in 1983.

Ming Room was the first to introduce spicy Sichuan-style food to Kolkata.

At that time, Chinese cuisine in the city was mostly based on Cantonese cuisine.

Ming Room Chinese Food Park Street

Ming Room quickly became one of the most beloved and sought after Chinese restaurants in Kolkata

and is now considered the starting point of a food revolution that led by popular demand, to the “spicy-fication” of Chinese food in the city! 

Ming Room is very much a part of Kolkata’s culinary heritage.

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Today, Ming Room is a beautiful space lit by hanging red lanterns.

On one side, a red-canvas wall floats golden clouds, on the other side, a glass window separates Ming Room from Trincas.

From here you can watch all the goings-on in the main restaurant and still have a quiet, intimate dinner conversation at your table.


Ming Room is one of Kolkata’s favourite Chinese restaurants. 
We will warn you however: Beware of the potent chilli sauce!